Love Poisoning Releases Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
A Can of Bees The Soft Boys Two Crabs Music Album 1979
Love Poisoning b/w When I Was A Kid The Soft Boys BOB Records Single 1981
Invisible Hits The Soft Boys Midnight Music Album 1983
The Day They Ate Brick The Soft Boys Polarad Electronics Corporation Bootleg 1987
12 x 7: All the Soft Boys Certify Insane The Soft Boys Bootleg 2008


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Rock Garden London England UK 12/22/1978
The Soft Boys Brillig Arts Centre Bath England UK 04/21/1979
"Robyn Hitchcock & Chums" (First Egyptians gig) Hope & Anchor London England UK 09/29/1984


Floating, I'm floating, I'm gloating, I'm pleased
Watch me, you can't touch me, I'm down on your knees
It's not easy being here with you
There's so much that I would rather do
But that's OK because I'm floating through
The hole
In your heart


Lying, we're lying, in postcards and vans
Crying, you're crying, all over my hands
I don't care about the things you do
It must be horrifying being you
You screwed me up and broke my heart in two
And someday someone will do that for you
There's a hole in your heart

I'll retrogress anytime you're around
I'll retrogress anytime


Feeling so violent but nothing comes through
Concealing your feelings is poisoning you
You can cry and you can go insane
Watch the helicopters in the rain
Pump it in and pump it out again
Your emotion is a one-way train
There's a hole in your heart

Ohhh, Ahhhh