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Welcome to askingtree.com! This site represents decades of work by fans of Robyn Hitchcock, collecting information on his oeuvre and making it freely available to other fans. If you have feedback, such as corrections or additional data, we would love to hear from you at askingtree.com@gmail.com.

According to our records, Robyn Hitchcock has played 1567 songs 31418 total times in 3434 live appearances at 1552 venues.

How to use the site

Our site has six search pages, most of which include “Quick Queries”. These are data reports pre-populated with some of the most commonly requested information. On the Home page, the available Queries are a randomized subset of all the Queries available; they are standard on the other pages.

Pressing the “Enter” key in any search box will show a full list of all items.

Site History and Acknowledgements

The site hatched way back in the halcyon days of 1994 with the inception of the Robyn Hitchcock Song List (™). Four years later it went online for the first time at www.JH3.com. We have not been able to contact JH3 recently, so we moved to askingtree.com in 2015. A huge debt of gratitude is due to all who contributed to the effort over the years, especially John H. Hedges, Ramsey Shehadeh, Marcus Slade, Roberta Cowan, Scott Frank, Eric Cassidy, Mike DeLong, Jeme Brelin, Eddie Tews and John Partridge.

We also wish to express our great thanks to all the friends and associates of Mr H who provided information, corrections and memories to help grow and improve our data hoard. Including but not limited to: Robert Lamb, Morris Windsor, Kimberley “Sinew” Rew, James A. “The Great One” Smith, Alan “Wang-Bo” Davies, Jim Melton, Chris “Hamburger” Alexander, and most especially Matthew Seligman, whom we lost in 2020.

And much respect to Mr Robyn Hitchcock without whom, etc., etc!

Bayard Catron

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