The Portland Arms Notes


January 13, 1979
The Portland Arms Cambridge, England
Billed As
The Soft Boys
Gig Type


This gig was on the listing provided by Andy Metcalfe.

Pictured in the photo, L to R: Andy Metcalfe, Robyn Hitchcock, Robb Appleton, Kimberley Rew, Jim Melton (holding or transferring the double bass, not playing it), Morris Windsor (playing guitar, not his usual drums!)

NOTE: The Robyn Hitchcock Songography site reported that a source close to the band has shared that the date of the gig as listed on the official releases is incorrect and this January 13, 1979 is what is actually the recording featured on the album. However, after posting the above image on Facebook in August 2023, Morris Windsor stated that the Nov 1978 gig has to be the one on the album as it featured Mungo Carstairs (vocalist and sax player). This January '79 gig did not feature Mungo but did feature Robb Appleton (seen in the center of the photo and not present on the live album). Robb, like Jim Melton, is a blues harmonica player; he was with Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators. The photograph is from the January 13, 1979 gig. A tape of this gig reportedly exists, but can't currently be located!