Amputated Releases Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Underwater Moonlight The Soft Boys Armageddon Records Album 1980


I've been waitin' for the sun to shine on you
'Cause I wonder what the light is gonna do
It's so hard to recognize
When you look into her eyes
And you realize the eyes look back at you

I've been wondering about what they could say
To the people who come 'round you every day
You can hardly hear a word
Of an angel or a bird
But I know they're gonna come out when you play

Some people look very long
Some people live in a song they can't sing
They been amputated out at school
Amputated by their fools
Amputated by the clothes they wear
There's not even a half a person there

Amputated by the way they love
Amputated by the gods above
Amputated by the things they do
There's hardly anything left of you

I've been wondering what you're gonna do with me
Will it last until we fall into the sea
Since you're gone I understand
If the language of the hand
But the fingers still look different to me

Some people look very straight
Even their hearts' bitter hate of the world
They been amputated by the things they do 
Amputated they just look at you
Amputated by the way they wear
There's not even half a person there

Amputated every single day
Amputated right there in the maze
Amputated funny I still feel
The places I had when I took the wheel

I'm amputated and I want to disappear