She Wears My Hair Releases Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Underwater Moonlight The Soft Boys Armageddon Records Album 1980


And when they rise and come at me
And when they rise, their faces wet
She wears my hair inside her corner
She never knows what happens next

And when we come there's no elation
And when we come there is no time
Don't fake your tears they'll come in motion
Don't fake your love it comes in time

If I knew why I had to stand around 
Just to watch the day become the night
Then I'd know for sure what I'm doin' now
Just be bound to make the whole world right

And when you run there are no daughters
And when you walk there are no sheep
She never laughed or said she mocked us
She never wanted us to sleep

And when you've got another night through
And when you've cried until you're sore
Don't wait for her, she's not for breakfast
Don't wait for her, she won't be back no more

But if I believed in a single word 
Then I'd say that the world would be my friend
But if I believed then I'd sure 'nough know
What would happen to me in all the end

Don't come around don't let it wander
You know her mind is not for sale
I thought I'd tried without to want her
I thought I'd tried but to no avail

I see you here, I see your faces
Not long for here, they're always bound
The weird thing was she had no traces
A weird thing was that she was around