Black Snake Diamond Rock Releases Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Two Halves for the Price of One The Soft Boys Armageddon Records Album 1981
Underwater Moonlight The Soft Boys Glass Fish Records Album 1990
Underwater Moonlight. . . And How It Got There The Soft Boys Matador Album 2001


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Hope & Anchor London England UK March 28, 1980
The Soft Boys The Africa Centre London England UK May 22, 1980
The Soft Boys Dingwalls London England UK December 07, 1980
The Soft Boys Great Northern Cambridge England UK January 19, 1982


Black snake diamond role
Twist away across the floor
Trails away like mercury
Have you ever seen her?
Been right in between her?

She's a goddess
You'll pay double
Just to be her candlestick
Black snake diamond rock
Cut in half and watch it shine
Diddle me with confidence
I hear seen her squeeze her bulb
Singing like a windowpane
The mirror's glass a broken face?


She's not young and she's not old
She's a woman every time
Got a penthouse full of dwarfs
Lord, I wish that she was mine
Well, maybe she is

Rock around the fire escape
Boogie with a question mark
Dancin' with a rubber snake
Goin' down to Milton Keynes
Lookin' for my destiny
Feelin' young and dignified
In a velvet glitter me


Black snake diamond rock
Hungry fingers in a smock
Sucking on a croaker's top
Tulips blossom in a shop

Tulips from Amsterdam
Two lips from Amsterdam
Join together at the sides
Black snake diamond role
I'm gonna win my bride
Gonna be a burning ivy
Well, I hope it be alright
In our special spanner
You me, exquisite her
Tulips from Amsterdam
Tulips from Amsterdam
Two lips

Black snake diamond role