St. Expedite Gigs Lyrics


Grant-Lee Phillips
Original Band
Grant-Lee Phillips


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Grant Lee Hitchcock Sweetwater Café Mill Valley California US June 22, 2000
Grant Lee Hitchcock KCRW Santa Monica California US June 18, 2000
Grant Lee Hitchcock The Troubadour Los Angeles California US June 20, 2000
Grant Lee Hitchcock Maxwell's Hoboken New Jersey US October 18, 2000
Grant Lee Hitchcock Joe's Pub New York New York US October 19, 2000
Grant Lee Hitchcock IOTA Arlington Virginia US October 16, 2000


Watching the clock over Jackson Square
I could feel my life drifting away
Loosing my hold like the muddy banks
In eleven straight days of rain
I better call on that St. Expedite

Hung on the carousel
Took me awhile
To see that it just goes around
I kept a' thinking you're name rings a bell
You resemble someone when you smile

I wanna say it's that St. Expedite
Honey you got a face
Like St. Expedite

My spirit grows heavy
And I wonder some times
What keeps it from floating up higher
The hatred of people that I might have crossed
Or the gravity of our desire
It's hell either way
Callin' St. Expedite
Hell either way
Callin' St. Expedite
Hell either way
Callin' St. Expedite