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Hitchcock, Windsor, Davies, Metcalfe


Title Artist Label Type Year
Give it to the Soft Boys The Soft Boys Raw Records Authorized 1977
Wading Through a Ventilator The Soft Boys The DeLorean Record Co. Unauthorized 1984
The Yodelling Hoover The Soft Boys DeLorean Records Unauthorized 1986
Wading Through A Ventilator The Soft Boys Delorean Records Unauthorized 1987
Raw Cuts The Soft Boys Overground Records Authorized 1989
The Soft Boys 1976-1981 The Soft Boys Rykodisc Authorized 1993
Where Are The Prawns? The Soft Boys Fan Club release 1994
Rout Of The Clones The Soft Boys Unauthorized 1995
Maxwell's, New York, 1980 The Soft Boys Handmade Productions Unauthorized 1998
Oh No! It's More From Raw The Soft Boys Damaged Goods Compilation 2003


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Alex Wood Hall Cambridge England UK January 01, 1977
The Soft Boys Alex Wood Hall Cambridge England UK January 07, 1978
The Soft Boys Leicester University Leicester England UK November 21, 1978
The Soft Boys Lady Mitchell Hall Cambridge England UK November 27, 1978
The Soft Boys Astoria London England UK January 13, 1994
The Soft Boys The Concorde Brighton England UK January 14, 1994
The Soft Boys Astoria London England UK January 15, 1994
The Soft Boys Corn Exchange Cambridge England UK January 17, 1994
The Soft Boys Railway Inn Winchester England UK October 16, 2002
The Soft Boys Mean Fiddler London England UK October 17, 2002
The Soft Boys Variety Playhouse Atlanta Georgia US October 22, 2002
The Soft Boys 40 Watt Club Athens Georgia US October 22, 2002
The Soft Boys WXPN - World Café Philadelphia Pennsylvania US October 24, 2002
The Soft Boys WFMU Jersey City New Jersey US October 25, 2002
The Soft Boys Maxwell's Hoboken New Jersey US October 25, 2002
The Soft Boys The Bowery Ballroom New York New York US October 26, 2002
The Soft Boys Mercury Lounge New York New York US October 27, 2002
The Soft Boys The Double Door Chicago Illinois US October 28, 2002
The Soft Boys First Avenue Minneapolis Minnesota US October 29, 2002
The Soft Boys Crocodile Café Seattle Washington US October 31, 2002
The Soft Boys Slim's San Francisco California US November 02, 2002
The Soft Boys House of Blues West Hollywood California US November 04, 2002
The Soft Boys Jux Tap Sarzana Italy January 16, 2003
The Soft Boys Teatro Toscanini Chiari Italy January 18, 2003
The Soft Boys The Zodiac Oxford England UK January 27, 2003
The Soft Boys Boat Race Cambridge England UK January 29, 2003


Written by Robyn, Morris, Alan and Andy per the "Where are the Prawns" cassette J card.


Hear my brain a-comin' down your slender track
Ever since I went away I been wishin' I was back
Oh yeah, wishin' I could quack

Feel my head a-comin' through your window pane
The glass knows when the head comes through and then seals up again
Oh yeah, indeed, quite so, in fact

Maybe you'll remember, maybe you'll forget
It doesn't matter very much, it hasn't happened yet
Oh no, it hasn't happened yet

She sells brain cells
She sells brain

Shoot me when I'm hungry, rob me when I'm bad
Teach me foreign languages, but don't give me any food
Oh no, don't give me anything to eat