Transparent Lover Releases Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Eye Robyn Hitchcock Twin/Tone; Glass Fish Records Album 1990
I Wanna Go Backwards Robyn Hitchcock Yep Roc Records Album 2007


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock The Bell House New York New York US 11/19/2011
Robyn Hitchcock St. Leonard's Church London England UK 11/26/2011
Robyn Hitchcock McCabe's Santa Monica California US 01/21/2012
Robyn Hitchcock Ozen Bar Tel Aviv-Jaffa Israel 03/22/2012
Robyn Hitchcock Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago Illinois US 10/13/2012
Robyn Hitchcock The Chapel San Francisco California US 03/03/2020
Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift Robyn & Emma's house Nashville Tennessee US 07/01/2020
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn and Emma's house London England UK 06/09/2021


On the horizon of the gulls and plovers
She saw the outline of transparent lovers
In a hotel room underneath the covers
Who should I see but the transparent lovers
Why is she built that way I soon discovered
Try to embrace her your transparent lover
Try to belong to her you won't recover
See your reflected in your transparent lover

Gone lord, gone, gone
Fade boy, fade
Gone lord, gone, gone

Faintly above the cliffs they held each other
Wan as the angels, the transparent lovers
You're going to lose her like you lost your mother
But you'll remember your transparent lover
All men are killers or their killers' brothers
I'm going to die for my transparent lover

My transparent lover

Gone lord, gone, gone
Fade boy, fade
Gone lord, gone, gone

Summery phantom as she fade she hovers
I'm going to find her my transparent lover

My transparent lover