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Fred Fisher, William Raskin, Billy Hill
Original Band
Shep Fields Rippling Rhythm


Title Artist Label Type Year
Live At The Portland Arms The Soft Boys Midnight Music Authorized 1983
The Soft Boys 1976-1981 The Soft Boys Rykodisc Authorized 1993


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Portland Arms Cambridge England UK November 01, 1978
Robyn Hitchcock Largo Los Angeles California US August 27, 1999
Robyn Hitchcock Revolver Records San Francisco California US November 17, 1986
Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift Robyn and Emma's house London England UK January 13, 2021


More popular recordings of the song were made by The Ink Spots in 1941 and later Elvis Presley. It is the Elvis Presley version being referenced by the cover.


If you find your sweetheart 
In the arms of a friend
That's when your heartaches begin.

And when dreams of a lifetime
All come to an end
That's when your heartaches begin.

For love is a thing
You never can share
And when you bring a friend 
Into your love affair

That's the end of your sweetheart
That's the end of your friend
That's when your heartaches begin.

If you find your sweetheart 
Not too far away 
From the arm 
Of your very best friend 
That's... that's when your heartaches really begin

And when every one of those tiny little dreams that you've nourished 
Like a potted plant and kept treasured away somewhere in the hothouse of 
Your psyche one by one are taken out and dismantled by some clodhoppered 
Fiend you thought was the one you could trust and borrow things off and 
Lend things to in turn without you just lending things to and then not 
Getting anything back
Well, that's really when you know things are sorta gon' mess you up isn't it?
Don't answer me back, anyway.  Sock it boys...

Because love is a thing
And it's a thing you can't share
You can't pass it around
Two into one doesn't go unless you're happy with meagre fractions and I for one am not
So if you've been some crawly little two-bit reptile
Sneaking up into the crevices of the one you love
Hair, follicles, bones, sinew, tissue, nostrils, the whole bloody lot
Of your sweetheart
That's the end of your friend
That's when your heartaches begin.