The Angel Upstairs Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock Maxwell's Hoboken New Jersey US 07/13/1987
Robyn Hitchcock Club Lingerie Los Angeles California US 07/17/1987
Robyn Hitchcock McCabe's Santa Monica California US 07/18/1987


I got to be ready for the people around me
The people that found me who don't know you're there
You've got to be waiting for the people beside you
The people inside you and they don't even care

The messenger's waiting, his fingers are strumming
His engines are humming like North Country rain
The messenger's waiting, his back to the window
His wings are reflected in the window pane

But nobody sees and nobody focuses
Nobody notices and nobody cares
Nobody sees until somebody glistens
And then somebody listens to the angel upstairs

The shape in the doorway, the hand and the elbow
The face in the window that isn't your own
The eye in the mirror, the step on the floorboard
The creak on the floorboard into the unknown

Nobody hears, 'cos everyone's frightened
And you don't get enlightened if you won't stop and stare
Nobody sees until somebody wonders
And it comes down like thunder from the angel upstairs

The angel upstairs