The Pigworker Albums Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
A Can of Bees The Soft Boys Two Crabs Music Authorized 1979
The Day They Ate Brick The Soft Boys Polarad Unauthorized 1986
The Soft Boys 1976-1981 The Soft Boys Rykodisc Authorized 1993
Where Are The Prawns? The Soft Boys Fan Club release 1994
Rout Of The Clones The Soft Boys Unauthorized 1995


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Alex Wood Hall Cambridge England UK January 01, 1977
The Soft Boys Leicester University Leicester England UK November 21, 1978
The Soft Boys Lady Mitchell Hall Cambridge England UK November 27, 1978
The Soft Boys Powerhaus London England UK October 17, 1992
The Soft Boys Astoria London England UK January 13, 1994
The Soft Boys The Concorde Brighton England UK January 14, 1994
The Soft Boys Astoria London England UK January 15, 1994
The Soft Boys Corn Exchange Cambridge England UK January 17, 1994
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians The Bull & Gate Kentish Town England UK March 09, 1994
Robyn Hitchcock Fleece and Firkin Bristol England UK December 02, 2004
Robyn Hitchcock Komedia Brighton England UK December 06, 2004
Robyn Hitchcock Green Dragon Hotel Hereford England UK December 21, 2008
Robyn Hitchcock Village Underground London England UK February 28, 2013
Robyn Hitchcock's New Melbournian Softest of the Soft Boys The Tote Melbourne Victoria Australia December 20, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Southbank Centre - Queen Elizabeth Hall London England UK March 19, 2022


Well, Crowbar Joe was one of the brotherhood
One of the brotherhood of hoods in the neighborhood
Hoods in the holiday camp, heads in the basket box

Well, J.J. Loomis had a dozen legs
He come sliding out there when you least expect him
And Crowbar Joe was a sacred pair
'Cause the one would hack as the other would loom

I'm a pigworker mama
Pigworker mama
Pigworker mama gonna work my pig on you

Pigworker mama
Pigworker mama
Pigworker mama gonna work my pig on you

So the Pterodactyl wore a hood of leather
And he opened everybody, even Heather
With her foaming roses and broken hair
She was all used up