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Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Globe of Frogs Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians A&M Records Album 1988


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians St. Andrew's Hall Detroit Michigan US April 07, 1988
Robyn Hitchcock Belcourt Theatre Nashville Tennessee US March 20, 2005
Robyn Hitchcock Southbank Centre - Queen Elizabeth Hall London England UK January 30, 2010
Robyn Hitchcock Band on the Wall Manchester England UK June 02, 2015
Robyn Hitchcock Union Chapel London England UK June 05, 2015
Robyn Hitchcock Brudenell Social Club Leeds England UK June 09, 2015
Robyn Hitchcock The Drake Hotel Toronto Ontario Canada September 11, 2015
Robyn Hitchcock The Southgate House Revival-Sanctuary Newport Kentucky US September 23, 2015
Robyn Hitchcock The Trades Club Hebden Bridge England UK November 01, 2015
Robyn Hitchcock The Landmark on Main Street Port Washington New York US January 29, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Aladdin Theater Portland Oregon US March 06, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock The Biltmore Theater Vancouver British Columbia Canada March 10, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Arden Gild Hall Arden Delaware US March 18, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Iron Horse Northampton Massachusetts US March 22, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Cafe Nine New Haven Connecticut US March 25, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock The Barns at Wolf Trap Vienna Virginia US April 06, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock & Eugene Mirman Black Cat Washington DC US April 22, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Daniels Hall Denver Colorado US June 03, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock 3TEN Austin City Limits Live Austin Texas US November 11, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock Once Ballroom Somerville Massachusetts US March 03, 2017
Robyn Hitchcock The ArtsCenter Carrboro North Carolina US May 14, 2017
Robyn Hitchcock Eddie's Attic Decatur Georgia US November 11, 2017
Robyn Hitchcock One Longfellow Square Portland Maine US April 11, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock The Portland Arms Cambridge England UK October 30, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock & Elf Power 40 Watt Club Athens Georgia US November 08, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock Colony Woodstock New York US November 14, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock Columbus Theatre Providence Rhode Island US November 17, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock Hạ Long Bay Hạ Long Vietnam December 03, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock McGonigel's Mucky Duck Houston Texas US January 24, 2019
Robyn Hitchcock Stoughton Opera House Stoughton Wisconsin US April 04, 2019
Robyn Hitchcock Central Library Huddersfield England UK May 05, 2019
Robyn Hitchcock Starline Social Club Oakland California US May 16, 2019
Robyn Hitchcock Harlow's Sacramento California US May 19, 2019
Robyn Hitchcock Club Cafe Pittsburgh Pennsylvania US June 21, 2019
Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift Robyn and Emma's house London England UK March 31, 2021
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn and Emma's house London England UK June 25, 2021
Robyn Hitchcock Outpost in the Burbs Montclair New Jersey US October 08, 2021
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn and Emma's house London England UK February 02, 2022
Robyn Hitchcock Unknown Hotel Los Angeles California US May 18, 2022


Oh, the bodies of drowned sailors and dead airmen
Flounder upside down beneath the roaring wave
And the fishes eat the flesh from off their fingers
And the sea is so much deeper than the grave

And the pale English stone
Stands alone
Over me

Oh, the bodies rise and falling in slow motion
As the flesh gives way to coral and her charms
If you listen hard, you'll hear the sea is breathing
And she's waiting there to hold you in her arms

And the pale English sun
Over me

Oh, the telegram is lying on the table
You left it there, you can't believe it's true
God finds you naked and he leaves you dying
What happens in between is up to you

And the luminous rose
Over me
Over me 


Luminous Rose-Robyn Hitchcock, arr. by Marc Dacey

Capo: 2nd fret

Intro: G6-Em7-Cadd9-Asus4-A7-A7sus2
G6-A7sus4-G6    Cadd9            G6-A7sus4-G6
Oh, the bodies of drowned sailors and dead airmen
                        Cadd9            G6
Flounder upside down beneath the roaring wave
                        Cadd9               G6
And the fishes eat the flesh from off their fingers
                       Cadd9           G6
And the sea is so much deeper than the grave
                     Cmaj Cadd9 Em/5+ C7(no5) 
And the pale English stone
   Gmaj A7sus4/F# Em7
Stands alone
     G6 Cadd9
Over me

(Repeat pattern)
Oh, the bodies rise and falling in slow motion
As the flesh gives way to coral and her charms
If you listen hard, you'll hear the sea is breathing
And she's waiting there to hold you in her arms

And the pale English sun
Over me

Oh, the telegram is lying on the table
You left it there, you can't believe it's true
God finds you naked and he leaves you dying
What happens in between is up to you

And the luminous rose
Over me
Over me