Let There Be More Darkness Releases Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock, Simon Kunath


Title Artist Label Type Year
Don't Let The Hope Close Down Various Hope Springs Records Compilation 1984
Invisible Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock Glass Fish Records Album 1986
I Wanna Go Backwards Robyn Hitchcock Yep Roc Records Album 2007


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock & Yo La Tengo The Bowery Ballroom New York New York US 03/01/2017
Robyn Hitchcock & Yo La Tengo The Fillmore San Francisco California US 09/29/2017
Robyn Hitchcock & Yo La Tengo Regent Theatre Los Angeles California US 10/01/2017


And on the eighth day, when he had rested, he created darkness.  
And for all around him he needed a cloak to hide himself from his tired labours.  
And the antelope and the deer and the ostrich and the zebra hid their faces 
and ran like tiny children into the shrivelling blackness around them.  
And the trees grew hoods and the cows winced.  
And all the crops began to droop.  
Even the coal rattled in terror for, lo, there was no light anywhere.
And he was well pleased with his labours and he smiled and was unable to find his way out of the room.  
Consequently, he blundered around his new creations; 
stamping helplessly left and right upon the new buds of his endeavour.  
Octopuses, caterpillars, tendons and worms squashed like buds.  Easter bunnies ruptured like eggs.
At length he found the door, and, fumbling with the handle, he chanced to knock the key on to the ground.  
As he lowered his nose to rummage around that vast appendage where he might see something on the floor, 
beheld a ray of light coming in from the hall.
"Kevin?  Supper's ready."
"Mom, I'm locked in!"
"Kevin... Supper's ready!"

[Lover lover]
[Lover lover]