Fatman's Son Releases Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
(I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp The Soft Boys Radar Records Single 1978
A Can of Bees The Soft Boys Two Crabs Music Album 1979
The Soft Boys 1976-1981 The Soft Boys Rykodisc Album 1993
Maxwell's, New York, 1980 The Soft Boys Handmade Productions Bootleg 1998


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Russell Club "Factory" Night Manchester England UK 11/24/1978
The Soft Boys Rock Garden London England UK 12/22/1978


It's rolling

I don't stub out anything I need including you, babe
You know I won't put you in the ashtray when I'm through, babe
Got no money
Down the track
Hands are tied
Turning back
Chase that woman
Through a screen
She's so pretty
She's so mean

Focus livers
Time won't wait
Rusty skewer
Make her drool
She's so pretty
She's so cruel

Yeah (Yeah yeah)

I don't care what anybody says, I'm not a fatman's son
I don't need no heat resistant sympathies from anyone
Because I don't eat no unripe fruits
I don't wear no leather boots
If you hear the fatman ring
Wipe his nose before he stings