Solar Plexus Gigs Lyrics Comments



Robyn Hitchcock


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn and Emma's house London England UK 05/05/2023


The song was performed the day before the coronation of King Charles III


You get a solar plexus
From having a sun
You get a solar plexus
If you want one
Or two
Just look around and see what the cat brings in
'Cause the cat brings in so many mice
All of the time

You get a solar plexus
In Texas
When you're waiting for the witches to hum
You get a solar plexus
Just like good King Wenceslas
Having a bauble and a ball on a city chain
When your mushroom shrieks "protect me!"
And your gladioli swim
And your hair don't even connect me
With the places you've been
You know you can't swim in the places you've been

You get a solar plexus
When you're a man of a certain age
When you're a man turnin' a page
Like good King Wenceslas, endlessly burrowing through tadpole infested lagooooonns!

You. Get. A. Solar plexus
If you don't want one, then you get it again to get it twice
And the cat never brings in any mice
'Cause it doesn't go outside
Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh
Happy Coronation, baby