More Than a Bath Gigs Lyrics Comments



Robyn Hitchcock


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock Robyn and Emma's house London England UK 08/03/2022


Contains a few lines of 'Almost Cut My Hair' by David Crosby as the tune Robyn was playing was very similar to that song.


More than a bath
What does that mean?
When young people stand and stare
More than a bath
But less than a shower

More than a bath
Oh simple is and do (?)
I will buy a wheelbarrow
And a flower

Led Zeppelin may be over in name
But people are listening to them all the same

(spoken) I've forgotten what the title of this song was

Barry you're urgent
Barry you're desperate
Oh Barry, you're not even watching the show
Oh Barry, you're number doesn't add up to very much and everybody knows
That Barry, you go where every Barry goes

Down in the Barry-land, ooo!

Almost cut my hair
Happened just the other day
It was getting kind of long
But Barry didn't stay
Barry didn't go
Everybody said "oh where has Barry gone?"

I don't know where Barry's gone
But I know that Tubby is still here
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah