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Robyn Hitchcock


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Patreon 2022 Robyn Hitchcock Internet 2022


From Robyn on Patreon in 2022
If you’ve been following our serial “Diary Of A Lettuce” you may have noticed a degree of tension between Madeleine Kozlowski, the author, and Tubby, who appears both as himself and a fictional character known as Tubby Vincent. This is perhaps because she is an extension of his personality, but she thinks that he is an extension of hers; the truth is that she only exists because he dreamed her up. On some level Madeleine knows this, and tries to develop a controlling, parental relationship with him to compensate. The existential imbalance between them is getting harder and harder for her to bear.

However, if Tubby cashes in his chips and assumes Madeleine’s identity, will he - Tubby - vanish as he becomes one of his own creations?

Is this, on my part, a kind of homage to the Brooklyn author, Paul Auster? Possibly, but only Tubby really knows the answer to that one…