Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish Gigs Lyrics


Don Van Vliet
Original Band
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock Bottom Line New York New York US October 31, 2003
Robyn Hitchcock Berklee College of Music Boston Massachusetts US November 13, 2014


Lucid tentacles test and sleeved
And joined, and jointed, jade pointed diamond back patterns
Neon meate dream of a octafish
Artifact on rose petals
And flesh petals in pots

Fact and feast, in tubes, tubs, bulbs
In jest, incest, in jest, in just, in feast, incest
And specks, and speckled, speckled
Speckled speculation

Fedlocks waddlin' feast
Archaic faces frenzy
Ceramic fists, artificial deceased
In cysts, rancid buds burst
Dank drum and dung dust

Meate rose and hairs
Meaty meate rose and hairs
Meaty dream wet meate
Limp damp rows
Peeled and felt fields and belts
Impaled on in daemon

Mucus mules
Twat trot, tra-la tra-la, tra-la tra-la tra-la

Whale bone fields 'n' belts
Whale bone farmhouse
Cavorts girdled in letters alight
Cavorts girdled in letters alight

A dipped amidst
Squirmin' serum in semen
In syrup in semen, in serum
Stirrupped in syrup
Neon meate dream of a octafish