Your Head Here Releases Gigs Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Goodnight Oslo Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 Yep Roc Records Album 2009


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift Robyn and Emma's house London England UK 12/16/2020


Everyone you said that you'd
Never ever turn into
Leave behind or shed the truth
Belief in what you have to do
It's so hollow bone

Settle where the compass points
In the belly, in the joints
The president of meat anoints
He's sorry if I disappoint you
Oh, to be a stone

I walk a thousand miles to be alone

Everyone you care about
Say you'd never do without
Walk away, forsake or doubt
See them fade and flicker out
Faces on the phone

Everything that you rely on
Tentacles of blood and iron
Realize that you want to cry on
Promises that you get by on
Life is all I own

You walk a thousand miles of your alone

Ring my chimes, I'm a ding-dong daddy
Step right up and see

It's your head here x 6

Everywhere you think you stand
Leave your shadow in the sand
Love the blossom in your hand
Die amongst the ghostly pan'd
Into the phantom zone

Boys with meat inside their heads
Appetites that get it spread
All across the lily bed
The lily pad is turning red

I love the way you drone

I walk a thousand miles and I'm alone

Ring my chimes, I'm a ding-dong daddy
Yessirree it's true

It's your head here (to out)