John In the Air Releases Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Sex, Food, Death... and Insects Robyn Hitchcock A&E Home Video Video 2008
Propellor Time Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 Sartorial Records Album 2010


Sailor from paradise, sailor from Spain
Sailor of ecstacy grown in your veins
We are internal, we travel nowhere
Back to the zero of John in the air

Teach me to grovel, I’ll be on your side
Teach me to mend like a violet bride
Mending is easy if there’s no tear
Tear on the barb of young John in the air

I would go hunting if I had my wish
I would go fishing if I was a fish
Swim to the lamp at the end of the pier
Catch on the hook of young John in the air

John in the air

John in the air…