Caroline Says II Albums Gigs Lyrics


Lou Reed
Original Band
Lou Reed


Title Artist Label Type Year
The Soft Boys 1976-1981 The Soft Boys Rykodisc Authorized 1993
Stereo-Phonic Pop Culture Robyn Hitchcock Pop Culture Press Compilation 1997


Billed As Venue City State Country Date
The Soft Boys Lady Mitchell Hall Cambridge England UK November 27, 1978
Robyn Hitchcock CBC Stereo Toronto Ontario Canada June 08, 1996
Robyn Hitchcock Largo at the Coronet Los Angeles California US March 05, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock The Grand Victory New York New York US April 03, 2016
Robyn Hitchcock The Drake Hotel Toronto Ontario Canada September 22, 2017
Robyn Hitchcock Oran Mor Glasgow Scotland UK May 24, 2018
Robyn Hitchcock Cecil Sharp House London England UK October 25, 2016


Caroline says that I'm just a toy
She wants a man, not just a boy
Oh, Caroline says, ooh Caroline says

Caroline says she can't help but be mean
Or cruel, or oh so it seems
Oh, Caroline says, Caroline says

She say she doesn't want a man who leans
Still she is my Germanic Queen
Yeah, she's my Queen

The things she does, the things she says
People shouldn't treat others that way
But at first I thought I could take it all

Just like poison in a vial, hey she was often very vile
But of course, I thought I could take it all

Caroline says that I'm not a man
So she'll go get it catch as catch can
Oh, Caroline says, yeah, Caroline says

Caroline says moments in time
Can't continue to be only mine
Oh, Caroline says, yeah, Caroline says

She treats me like I am a fool
But to me she's still a German Queen
Ooh, she's my Queen
Queen ...