Ernest Noyes Brookings, Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings Robyn Hitchcock & Bangalore Gadfly Compilation 2001


Book a series of sheets bound into a volume
Originated as a sheet of parchment
In libraries with wood pillar columns
But does not require a continual starching

Books made in many sizes
Read by people all over the entire earth
At times both public and private
Frequent remarks: what are the contents worth?

At a local grammar crowded student school
Teacher to students: study, read and memorize contents of book
One question - do you obey the old golden rule?
Several arms come up - we do obey the golden rule, not a crock

Our minds are clear, do not require a tool
Our minds are clear, do not require a tool
But frequently our mothers teach us how to cook

At a rural home around the dinner table
Mother says to young daughter: does your teacher instruct you to read?
Daughter says yes, there is a large collection of books
In which partial are religions of many creed
Another subject is included
Another subject is included beware the spooks