Welcome to Earth Albums Lyrics


Robyn Hitchcock


Title Artist Label Type Year
Spooked Robyn Hitchcock Oak Tree Authorized 2004


(crackle crackle, pop.) repeated throughout song

Welcome to the earth, home of the great women and men. 

We are animals that have ideas. 

Maybe cats and ravens have ideas too, but they keep
them to themselves. 

Travelers from the whole galaxy throng to our
luscious planet with its evolution-friendly climate and nourishing

Take time to locate the exit nearest you. 

Press 1 for famine, 2 for pestilence, 
3 for condoleeza, and 4 for death. 
Please note that pestilence closes at 6.

(crackle crackle, pop. crackle crackle, pop.)

Okay that was it.
(Okay! giggle)