Conway Hall Set List Notes Reviews


May 15, 2004
Conway Hall London, England (Holborn)
Billed As
Robyn Hitchcock
Gig Type
w/ Paul Noble


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An odd affair... Robyn was on for half an hour, following a modern jazz pianist and a pensioners' rights activist. During the first song he was greeted by a beer can thrown from the balcony, which seemed to unsettle him slightly for a couple of minutes, unsurprisingly. Here's the set list:

Robyn with acoustic:

Trams Of Old London
52 Stations

Then the following with Paul Noble on bass:

Meet Me In The Morning
Only The Stones Remain (fantastic harmonica part!)
Stayin' Alive/Listening To The Higsons medley
Public Service Announcement ("Rumsfeld is the Antichrist"... wish I could remember more of the lyrics)

It was a strange atmosphere: probably 90% (95%?) of the audience didn't seem to know who he was and whilst he got a good reception (apart from the beer can), it was very different from seeing him at one of his 'own' gigs. Good to have him back though!