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Welcome, Ghouls!  I thought you might be interested in some of the projects other fegMANIAX are working on.  Here are just a few:

On the Glass Hotel site:
Glass Flesh, the Robyn Hitchcock tribute, now boasts three CD volumes, some cassettes, and a mess of MP3s.
Fish Gloss, the four-disc Robyn fan originals comp from 2001. Rex Broome put together another compilation in 2004.
The Tape Tree Arboretum is largely uneeded now, due to the advent of high speed internet and lossless digital audio. Instead, check out the archive.org Live Music Archive.
FegNAMIA - Kabalarian name analysis
Gloster and Dignan, separated at birth This makes more sense if you're on the listserv and know these guys.

Other sites of interest:
FegFotos is where to go if you want to see what Robyn H geeks look like.
The Tews Gig List, Robyn Hitchcock Article Archive, and an in-depth study of The Yip Song, among other wonders can be found at his fine site.
The Capuchin Lyrics Engine is a searchable archive of all Robyn's songs up to a couple albums ago. Jeme did a great job taking the lyrics that existed and cleaning them up to almost total accuracy. (This link was not working when tested Mar/23/2005.)
The Asking Tree and Robynbase (an immense database spanning Robyn's entire career!) as well as some Fancy Robyn J-Cards can be found at www.jh3.com. Plus, JH3 can handle all your custom software programming needs.
The Abandoned Brain features fan fiction from the listserv, and some very nice video captures! (No longer there.)

Quite a community, innit?

The Feg Directory (links in italics are email links)
Sites that had broken links have been de-linked.....

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