(...and what is a fegBand? Why, bands with fegs (fans of Robyn Hitchcock), of course!) Fegbands' sound can be quite diverse. If you are seeking bands who actually SOUND like Robyn, try The Virgineers or Whisper Machine.

We'd like to welcome ubermensch Glen Uber to this august list. Brian "Nuppy" Nupp has a new Lazerlove 5 album out which features Matthew Seligman and the frontman of The Monochrome Set (which also featured Morris Windsor.) You may purchase it at Red Velvet Records. I have heard it and it is very good - I like it more with each listen.

Doug Mayo-Wells has a new web site up for his band The Hyphens. The new Orchestraville album is done. Scott Hunter Macleary has a Blind Matthew Brady album out - Belling the Minotaur. Excellent ambient music - listen to it while you're on the edge of sleep and you are guaranteed some memorable dreams.

fegBands listed alphabetically by Feg. Check them out, there is some good music to be found. If you are a Robyn Hitchcock fan who makes music, get in touch with me and I will add you to this list!


In other news:

The Feg Compilation has been completed! It is apparently called "Tinfoil Thoths" and was completed in 2004. For more info see here.

Number Nine Line is now defunct, but Luther & his brother are now recording Bhuddist electronica under the name "Ki Society". Nope, not making this up. Lazerlove 5 (Brian Nupp) is prepping an album. Dolph, The New Moon (Matt Sewell), Blind Matthew Brady (Scott McCleary), Mike Runion, and James (kind of) from the list above all have actual "product" for sale (EP's and albums) and as such are definitely ongoing concerns. Popsicle Thieves is a "side project" of Brian Huddell, of the similarly named Bicycle Thieves. The SF Bay area feg axis still constitutes quite a few "groups" with a lot of crossover, and my scorecard isn't too up-to-date, but Hamish, Gloster and Glen Uber (at least) record and play together in various formations from time to time. Offhand I know that Natalie Jacobs was putting together a band last year, but that seems to have gone dormant. I also can't vouch for the currency of the Blatzman solo album. It's been in the works for ages...

See also Rex's work-in-progress Liner Notes for his 2004 Fegmusic Compilation - an all-originals, all-feg comp!

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