Working Titles
and between-album projects that were never released

1979 - A Can of Bees:  Heat Me Up and Tell Me You're Happy
1980 - Underwater Moonlight: That's My Fish You're Holding!
1981 - Black Snake Diamond Role: Zinc Pear; The Perfumed Corpse
1983 - I Often Dream of Trains: Crystal Branches
1985 - FegMANIA!: Egyptian Cream; Demons and Fiends
1990 - EyeLinda in the Sky with Firemen; Flesh Cartoons
1991 - Perspex Island: The Adult Album; Kiss Yourself; Christmas with Bobby and Michael
1993 - Respect: Red Lemon Days
1995 - You & Oblivion: PHWEEEEEEEEN! (pronounced as a high, nasal shriek)
1996 - Moss Elixir: Surfer Ghost, Shadowcat; Bee Man Ray; Feelers Was Everywhere
1999 - Jewels for Sophia: Robyn Hitchcock's Christmas Party
2002 - Nextdoorland: Fresh Hope for Small Children; Fresh Creme Rinse; The Apple Project

if you know of more please let me know!