The (hang on, i need to make a phone call)Shrine

This website would not exist if not for the following people, partly because they helped, but mostly because there would have been no point otherwise.   Thanks, respect and greetings are due:

All the fegs- too many to list, but I'll try- Allen, lj, Mary, Chris, Tracy, Cynthia, Jonathan Turner, The Susans, The Jays, The Aidans, The Other Chrises, Jeme, J. Kat, The Sisters Reichstein, Tom, Nick, Glen, Russ, Terrence, Viv, Stewart, Joel, James, Dan Poppe, The Erics, The Mikes, The Robs (there are more than you think), Gary, Peter, Miles, Rich Plumb, Doug Pathos, MR Godwin, Mr. Deborah, Mr. Hal, Randi, Tim, Jon Fetter, Zelda Pinwheel, Michael, Gnatalie Jacobs, Dolph, John Partridge, Steve Schiavo, Dave Lang, the other Terry, ghod the list goes on forever - anyway, you are a force for good, y'all!  Keep it up!

And of course, many heartfelt thanks to Robyn and his webmaster David, for the information they have so kindly provided to me.

Big thanks go to Robyn for writing and playing the best music in the world.  (My opinion, but it sure looks right from here.)

And finally, I would like to say thanks to JH3, aka John Hedges.  Without his kind assistance I would probably still be in the planning stages.  (He also did the marvelous font you see in the menu bar at left.)    Keep the Feg, y'all.


=bayard catron

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