The arcHive is a vast 'multi-demontional' space under the Glass Hotel which features all those great recordings of Mr. H's legendary live appearances. We don't have hard drive space to put them all out for you to download, but we are working on the possibility of adding links to Robynbase that will allow you to get to where the shows are, via the Asking Tree.
There are a vast number of Robyn concerts that have been immortalized though the valiant efforts of concert Tapers and Traders.  These dedicated fans have dodged "Venue Security" many a time to preserve shows that otherwise would be lost forever.   The ArcHive is a "virtual tape vault" that collects these hallowed concert tapes.  If you want copies for your very own, you need look no further than the Live Music Archive where Robyn has given permission for his live shows to be stored for posterity. To listen to even more MP3's, go down in the CRYPT.

NEW - Check out this clip of Rhett Miller of the Old 97s, chatting about Robyn. (Rhett is also pals with Jon Brion.) Other bits available at that link as well. Rhett and Murray were on board for the Glass Flesh 2 CD, but didn't have time in the end.

During the 2001 Soft Boys reunion tour, Robyn did a different "rap" for underwater moonlight each night. Those verbals have been collected here.

Recomended concerts to trade or download :