The ArcHive presents: ANAGRAMS!

Unscramble each one to find a Robyn song title. I've added the album for each as a hint (but from memory - so album info is not guaranteed accurate.)
Use your mouse to select the hidden text in the answer space when you figure one out - or select just a little bit of the hidden text for a peek if you can't stand it any more!

Scrambled Text Album Hint Answer
My Roving Channeled a Nerd Element of Light Raymond Chandler Evening
Notify a Soft Twist Groovy Decay Fifty-Two Stations
Pageantry Mice fegMania! Egyptian Cream
Eviscerate Hot Shudders Groovy Decay The Cars She Used to Drive
Find His Might Groovy Decay Midnight Fish
Ad-hosting Yogi fegMania! Goodnight I Say
Hairnet Groovy Decay The Rain
A Weepier Soy Fruit Groovy Decay Fifty-Two Stations
Yard Meld fegMania! Mr Deadly
Best Pert Rugs Groovy Decay St Petersburg
Thy Elf fegMania! The Fly
Intern on a Whey Bender Invisible Hitchcock Eaten by Her Own Dinner
Mica Ear Groovy Decay America
Presenting Bed Love Element of Light Never Stop Bleeding
Monk of Evil God Groovy Decay Kingdom of Love
A Hothead Effect Gotta Let This Hen Out! The Face of Death
Angler Witch Element of Light The Crawling
Hooding With Hooky Wurst Groovy Decay How Do You Work This Thing?
Ah, Even fegMania! Heaven
Madame Dyed Few If Winy fegMania! My Wife and My Dead Wife

These anagrams were created by Erica Lynn Avery in response to my blog posting "The Mix Tape That Changed My Life."

Erica may be visited on the Web at - be sure and check out the excellent commercial-free Songs to Buy Nothing By.


AND..... Anagrams of Robyn's name: The most appropriate ones have been bolded!

Rearranging the letters of 'robyn rowan hitchcock' gives:

Botchy or chronic wank. Wonky or chronic batch.
Watch bonny crook rich. What cock or bonny rich.
Wonky, hot, chronic crab. Knob contrary chic how.
Knob contrary chic who. Warn botchy, chronic OK.
On wacky, chronic throb. Witch bonny crook arch.
Abort why chronic conk. OK! chronic crab, why not.
Bonk contrary chic how. Bonk contrary chic who.
Now OK by chronic chart. What! by or chronic conk.
Worth bonny croak chic. Wotcha! bonny, rich cork.
OK yacht chronic brown. Wank botchy, rich croon.
Which bonny or to crack. Now or both cranky chic.
Witchy crook on branch. Wonky branch or to chic.
Cranky, hot, chronic bow. Crook bonny chic wrath.
Wacky, hot, chronic born. Throw bonny croak chic.
Wotcha! rock bonny rich. Witch bonny crook char.
Now rack on botchy rich. Cow thick or bonny arch.
Knob why chronic actor. Cow OK chart bonny rich.
Wonky both chronic arc. Wonky both chronic car.
Chronic worthy on back. OK by what chronic corn.
Which cock or bonny rat. Bonny crack to rich how.
Bonny crack to rich who. Now crook itchy branch.
Batch wonky, rich croon. Wank rich yob on crotch.
Know chart chronic yob. What cork or bonny chic.
Conk now chart rich yob. Now cry OK chronic bath.
Cow on both cranky rich. Cow throb chronic yank.
No! wacky, chronic throb. Bonk why chronic actor.
Braw conk to horny chic. Thank by or chronic cow.
OK croon witchy branch. Now rich crotch by an OK.
Oh No! cow tricky branch. Crow both chronic yank.
Now hack by chronic rot. Oh! tacky, chronic brown.
Conk what croon by rich. Now botchy or chic rank.
Thank rich cowboy corn. Wank chronic yob torch.
OK! chronic town by arch. What! by 'n' chronic crook.
What rock or bonny chic. Worth by a chronic conk.
Which crack, bonny root. Conk brainy how crotch.
Conk brainy who crotch. Now birth cocky anchor.
Now croon by thick arch. Win conk or botchy arch.
Cow thick or bonny char. Bonny work to chic arch.
Yawn both chronic cork. Bonny worth a rich cock.
Conk chronic wrath yob. Now OK thy chronic crab.
Now rocky, chronic bath. An OK, botchy, rich crown.
Now croak 'n' botchy rich. Win OK anchor by crotch.
Thank chronic crow yob. By know to chronic arch.
By chronic cork on what. Worth bonny chair cock.
Tacky, chronic how born. Tacky, chronic who born.
Now OK tory, chic branch. Ya! now knob rich crotch.
Win by north cockroach. Brawny cock on hot rich.
Brawny conk or hot chic. Thick cow on horny crab.
No! witchy, crook branch. Knob croon witchy arch.
Knob worthy, chic acorn. Crack on which torn yob.
With cock or bonny arch. Knob yacht chronic row.
Now croak by north chic. Now chronic rack by hot.
By now crack on hot rich. Now conk or bitchy arch.
Now knob hot chic carry. Nick or now botchy arch.
Chat wonky, chronic rob. Wank choirboy 'n' crotch.
Know by or chronic chat. Hack by or chronic town.
Anyhow. Brick on crotch. Why! chronic back or not.
Wary both chronic conk. What cocky born on rich.
Throw by a chronic conk. Which crook, bonny cart.
Now birth on cocky arch. Win hot or cocky branch.
Know botchy, rich acorn. Work bonny or chic chat.
Conk throb chronic way. Yawn both chronic rock.
Bonny throw a rich cock. Boo! thrown cranky chic.
Wotcha! knob cry on rich. Bonny rat rich how cock.
Bonny rat rich who cock. Now bat horny, rich cock.
Arch by now conk to rich. Conk now abhor chic try.
OK by own chronic chart. Now OK thorny, chic crab.
Ya! now bonk rich crotch. Win anchor botchy cork.
North, chic cowboy rank. Cow bonny rack hot rich.
Cow bonny hack rich rot. OK bonny chat rich crow.
Bonny hack to rich crow. Wacky rich both on corn.
Known yob or rich catch. Work yacht chronic nob.
Bonk croon witchy arch. Bonk worthy, chic acorn.
Knob to why chronic arc. Knob to why chronic car.
Why knob or chronic act. Why knob or chronic cat.
What! OK cry chronic nob. Oh! witch or bonny crack.
Bonk yacht chronic row. Crook now inch by chart.
Now botchy cork in arch. No! now rack botchy rich.
Now knob tory, chic arch. Now bonk hot chic carry.
OK worn by chronic chat. Cow knob horny, chic rat.
Wacky nor both chronic. Wonky, chic branch root.
OK! chronic town by char. Knob rich way on crotch.
By chronic rock on what. Throw bonny chair cock.
Conk chronic how by rat. Conk chronic who by rat.
Track bonny or chic how. Track bonny or chic who.
Now hat by chronic cork. Chat or now conk by rich.
Now croon by thick char. Oh! by now chronic track.
Warn crook botchy inch. Win rock botchy anchor.
Win conk or botchy char. Cow in both horny crack.
Wank rich boy on crotch. Know chart chronic boy.
Known yob or chic chart. Bonny work to chic char.
No! worthy, chronic back. Why conk or chronic bat.
Why conk or chronic tab. Why! thick croon on crab.
No! by what chronic cork. Wotcha! bonk cry on rich.
By which crack or on not. Not rack by chronic how.
Not rack by chronic who. War conk on botchy rich.
Now rock in botchy arch. Now rack or botchy inch.
By than rich cock or now. Conk now chart rich boy.
OK! chronic won by chart. Arch by now OK in crotch.
Win cock or horny batch. Oh! not brawny, rich cock.

The following are the 10 longest words made using some of the letters:
cockroach Brythonic
throwback abortion
brain-rot contrary
tyrannic choirboy
honorary boat-hook