About the Glass Hotel

As you have probably figured out, this web site is all about Robyn Hitchcock - the man, the music, and the fans.  Ever since the release of the album fegMANIA! in 1985, and the subsequent papermail fan club and internet list both of which were/are called "fegmaniax", certain circles of Robyn's fans have been known as "fegs".  If you are, or think you might be, a feg, this site is for you.

Occasionally asked questions:

1.  How do I find my way around the Hotel?
Well, you may always consult the Map - there's a link to the map from the bottom of the main page, the Lobby.   Once you've wandered around the navigational menu at left, though, you should find your bearings fairly easily.  Point to the green menu items at left with your mouse pointer for brief descriptions of each "room".  There is also a search form at the bottom of the Map page.

2. There is no 2.

3.  How did you get that nifty Robynesque writing in the menu bar?
It's a font made by an XTC and Robyn fan named JH3.  Visit him here for your very own TrueType or Mac file, as well as some very attractive cassette J-cards.

4.  What does Robyn think of your site?  Can you give him a message for me?
I met with him a long time ago and he said he liked fegMANIAX and House of Figgy, but this site did not exist then.  He also told me his Official site would be up pretty soon, and indeed it is.  Your best bet is to contact the very helpful David Greenberger at www.robynhitchcock.com.

5.  I have a correction or addition to the Database, or just a general comment.
I'd love to hear from you!  Email me at the address on the home page.